Handmade LaConner

Dryer Sheet Liquid


Dryer Sheet Liquid is another great, all natural product to add to your laundry routine. Dryer sheets are filled with toxins and chemicals and can be harmful to both you and the environment. This all natural dryer sheet liquid uses only natural products and leaves a subtle and fresh scent using all pure essential oils, and helps get rid of static while also softening your fabrics. 

To use: Apply two tablespoons or more to cloth and toss into dryer (the type of material does not matter, a washcloth, sock, or scrap of any kind of fabric will work).

*Please note when purchasing "w/ container deposit," product will arrive in glass jar. When purchasing "aluminum," product will arrive in aluminum bottle with screw cap. If you would like a pump lid, please purchase separately. Pump can be reused indefinitely.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vinegar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Polysorbate 20, Pure Essential Oils.