Introducing...The SOAPscription Box

We’re here to make zero-waste shopping easy and convenient for any household by offering recurring refills on our soap and cleaning products. From natural laundry detergent to hand soap tablets, starting your low waste journey or reducing waste in your home has never been easier.

How to Get Started

Choose your frequency of delivery - monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Step 1

Select your items - choose from liquid or solid form home and personal goods

Step 2

Select your delivery frequency and place your first order

Step 3

When it’s time to refill, you’ll be notified via email to select your next refills.

Step 4

Send back your containers and your next delivery will be on its way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our website and choose the subscription box you want. Choose scented or unscented and place order. Your first shipment will include proper pumps for each container as well as a return shipping label for your empty containers..

When it is time for a refill you will receive an email reminder. Confirm your order, being sure to add-on any additional items you’d like. Once your refill arrives, simply swap the tops and mail your empty containers back to us in the box. Please note that we are unable to swap out pump lids as they are too difficult to clean for reuse. You can order new pump lids anytime online.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the subscription service, substitutions are not allowed. However, all items offer a “subscribe and save” option. If the subscription box is not the best option for you at this time, please feel free to order items individually.

Heck yes, you can! Simply select "local pickup" at checkout.

You are always welcome to order more pump lids on the website. If you accidentally mail yours back or throw them out, please feel free to reach out directly and we will gladly give you a one-time code to waive the shipping fee on replacement pumps.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our setup, we cannot allow substitutions at this time. This is an ever-evolving process so if we find there is a high demand for alternative fragrance options, we will absolutely reevaluate.

We can ship glass. However, because it is much heavier and more fragile, the shipping cost will be higher and there is a greater possibility of breakage in transit. In addition, boxes shipping using glass deposit containers will not include a return shipping label.

Shipped SOAPscription boxes include aluminum bottles which cost more. However, they also include necessary accessories (such as pumps) with the initial purchase, making the switch to your next bottle that much easier!

In addition, shipped boxes include return shipping labels for you can mail your bottles back when they are empty.