About Us

Photo: Leah and Little Nero (the Zero Waste Hero)

After working in the airline industry for years, I became acutely aware of how comfortable and overly dependent we have become on disposables: single use plastic cups, tiny hotel shampoos, water bottles…the list goes on. 

Then I became a mother of two and realized how much laundry soap, shampoo, baby food pouches, etc. our family alone uses. I started looking for alternatives to single use plastic options and got stuck on dish soap. I could not find an option for liquid dish soap that was not sold in plastic, worked well, and was affordable. I figured if I was struggling to find easy alternatives, so were others. 

While I have always been an avid recycler and trash picker-upper, I am new to the world of refillables. I am also new to being a small business owner. I believe we all need to be making better decisions about how we treat our bodies and our planet and I promise to do my best and to make better decisions every day. 

Pumped is a zero-waste inspired shop offering everyday household essentials that help you find the balance between sustainability and affordability. We know it can be difficult and even overwhelming to make the changes needed to live a healthier life. That is why we have done the research for you and are making the effort to make our product easily available to you. We will be popping up in your neighborhood or delivering these goods to your front door. Think of us like the milkman…but for soap. 

We sell household and self-care products in a refillable format. Bring your own container, take one from us on deposit, or buy a bottle for your product. Everything is sold by the ounce or by the each so you can buy as much or as little as you like. We deliver to Bellingham and surrounding areas. If you order product to be delivered, it will come in a jar on deposit that can easily be swapped out when you order your next refill. Simply wash the jar and leave it on your porch prior to your next delivery. We will take back the empty and leave your new product.