Left Eye Textiles

Produce Bags


No more taking plastic bags from the store for your produce and bulk items! These bags can be used not only for purchasing your groceries, they are perfect for storage as well! All bags are lightweight, 100% cotton, and machine washable.

This Produce Saver is perfect for extending the life of your greens. Simply wet the bag, squeeze out excess water, and place your greens inside. Store in the fridge and check every 3-4 days. If Produce Saver is dry, simply rewet. Greens stay fresh much longer!

The Celery bag is perfect for purchasing and storing longer produce items such as celery and carrots. It can also be used for purchasing bulk items.

The small bulk bag has been outfitted with a wire wrap. You can use this wrap as a closure when purchasing items at the store, close as you would a coffee bag. When you are ready to transfer bulk items into containers at home, simply reshape the wire insert to form a spout for easy pouring!

*Please note fabric selection may vary.