Registry - Dryer Balls


Stop using dryer sheets and pick up a few of these! It is typically recommended that 3-6 dryer balls per load are used. Dryer balls soak up the moisture in your dryer, reducing drying time, helping to fluff your clothes and reduce wrinkles and making clothes feel softer.

Made from organic wool and dyed with colorfast, eco-friendly dyes. For your very first load, it is recommended to use dryer balls with similar colored clothes in case there are loose wool fibers. Alternatively, you can slightly damped the balls and let them run in the empty dryer for a short 5-10 minute cycle. After first use, balls can be used with any color clothing as they will not lint nor bleed! Leave dryer balls in well ventilated area or in dryer with door open between uses.

Dryer balls last 1,000 loads. Price is per item.