Zero Waste Hair Care: Understanding Shampoo Ingredients
17 de January, 2024
As is always the case with us here at Pumped, we want to provide access to the best low-waste living products with the best ingredients. We can't claim to be experts in the formulation of products, but we are lucky enough to know a few. We recently reached out to Greg Dayley, founder of Seabar, a locally made zero waste shampoo and conditioner bar we just love to get his take on what ingredients to avoid when shopping for haircare products
How to Gift Thoughtfully During the Holidays
05 de December, 2023
Wondering what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Consider a consumable gift this season. Soaps, candles, food, wine, or the gift of an experience are all great gifts as they do not add to the chaos of our already busy and full lives. Read to find out some of my favorite gift ideas.
Plastic-free personal care items
15 de October, 2023
By implementing a few simple tricks in our daily lives, we can significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastics that end up in landfills and oceans. Here are some of my favorite tools you can apply in your own home.
Infographic depicting the the structure of a Linear Economy vs. a Circular Economy.
31 de May, 2023
Americans have long-embraced a linear economy: buying fast fashion, cheap electronics, and quickly disposing of these products when they no longer serve us or the next model is released. Many of us are starting to realize this is not a sustainable model. We are depleting resources and overfilling landfills. This post highlights the merits of a circular economy versus a linear economy and why we need to make changes now for a better future.
Why Shop at a Refill Store?
16 de May, 2023
My top three reasons you should shop at a refill store (from a totally non-biased, refill store owner perspective).