Glad Rags

Menstrual Products


Take your monthly care to the next level with reusable menstrual care products. Whether you are accustomed to pads or tampons, Glad Rags has an alternative for you.

Conventional disposable products can contain plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesives, and chemical gels--things you don't want next to one of the most sensitive parts of your body! Choosing GladRags all-cotton pads means comfortable periods free from irritating materials and avoiding unnecessary exposure to the synthetic ingredients in disposable pads and tampons.

The average American will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons in their lifetime? That's a whole lot of waste! Plus, think of the manufacturing, shipping, and packaging impact over the years. GladRags last for years, helping you keep your environmental footprint small and saving you from monthly trips to the store.

Put aside the personal and environmental benefits of reusable products, you'll also save money over time! Glad Rags are designed to last five years but many customers say they'll last years longer.

Do yourself and your body a favor and give them a try.

Available products include pads, for day or night, pantyliners, and menstrual cups in two sizes.