Pumped Bellingham

SOAPscription Box - Liquid Personal Care

Delivery Method


One of the best places to start your zero waste journey is in the shower. Billions of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are discarded every year. Save the world while looking and feeling amazing with our quality personal care products delivered directly to your front door.

This SOAPscription box includes 16oz shampoo, 16 oz conditioner, and 16oz body wash all in your choice of scented or unscented.

Choose the delivery method and frequency that works best for you.

Local delivery: SOAPscription boxes delivered locally will include products in glass deposit jars. When your next delivery is due, place clean dry deposit jars on your porch to be swapped for new product (milkman style).

Shipping: Shipped SOAPscription boxes will include product in aluminum bottles.  When your next delivery arrives, simply swap the top on your aluminum bottles and mail empties back with enclosed prepaid shipping label. Please note items are shipped using 100% repurposed boxes and packing materials to further reduce our environmental impact.