Show your clients you appreciate their business... and the chaos that comes with moving into a new home... by providing them all the tools they need to get settled in. We offer full gift packages we can deliver to you ready for your client, or a la carte items you can add to your current closing gifts. Looking for something specific? Reach out to us for custom packages!


Gift Sets:

Standard Closing Gift      $33

Deluxe Closing Gift          $65


A la Carte Items:

8oz Hand Soap      $7.25

Solid Dish Bar        $12.5

Soap Shelf              $6.5

Candle                    $14

Wooden Crate        $7.25

Wool Sponges        $10

Pop-up Sponges    $9



How it all started...

After working in the airline industry for years, I became acutely aware of how comfortable and overly dependent we have become on disposables: single use plastic cups, tiny hotel shampoos, water bottles…the list goes on. 

Then I became a mother of two and realized how much laundry soap, shampoo, baby food pouches, etc. our family alone uses. I started looking for alternatives to single use plastic options and got stuck on dish soap. I could not find an option for liquid dish soap that was not sold in plastic, worked well, and was affordable. I figured if I was struggling to find easy alternatives, so were others. 

I believe we all need to be making better decisions about how we treat our bodies and our planet and I promise to do my best and to make better decisions every day. I hope you’ll join me!

-Leah, Owner

Our Core Values

We are very careful in choosing the companies we work with. We want to support closed-loop (product packaging is sent back to manufacturer to be sanitized and reused, eliminating waste), local companies whenever possible. We want to help you choose companies that share your values as well. Use our filtering system to choose closed-loop, vegan, woman-owned, or West Coast based companies.


To us, it is not enough to cut down on our own single-use plastic waste. We want to ensure the companies we are working with take this seriously as well. We prioritize working with closed-loop and zero-waste companies as well as companies striving to affect change.


We believe that honesty creates trust. We are straightforward and can be counted on to give you the facts and to tell you when we don’t have the answers…and then we will go find them for you.

Continuous Improvement

We are still learning every day. We will always be looking for better products, more efficient ways to bring you products and information, and great new ideas!


Community is at the heart of what we are doing. Building relationships with customers, other businesses and other organizations is what drives us. We love helping connect people with resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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